meghanThe first thing that comes to mind is THANK YOU! I have learned so much about myself over the last 12 weeks and that is all thanks to Jen’s program. I was a struggling vegetarian and clueless gym enthusiast, but she showed me how to eat right and how to get the job done in the gym. I am a full-time wife, mother and pharmacist but Jen’s program showed me how I can (and should) make myself a priority too and how it can fit into my already busy life. Jen’s personal emails and messages were incredibly motivating and left me a bit star-struck. It was hard getting used to the fact that she cared enough to check on me mid-week (every week) even though she was busy with her crazy hectic schedule of travel, clients, and personal time. She constantly pushed me to be better and I truly believe I am a stronger athlete because of her. I am so glad I took this challenge. I might not have done a 100% total body transformation physically, but mentally and emotionally I’m a whole new person. Thank you Jen for that! And thank you John for always being there to answer my questions. I can’t remember the last time I wore a bikini but I pulled one out and loved the way I felt and looked in it (I even took my AFTER photos in it!). That’s all because of you Jen! Love to you all!

Down 3.6lbs from start
Lost 1.5 inches from my waist and a total of 3 inches from all sites combined

Meghan Kaiser BACK TO TOP


Mommy, I’m Fat. The moment I heard those words I froze. I said, what Ava? Mommy, I’m fat. My heart sank, my two year old just said she was fat. I looked at my husband and he gave me THAT look. I knew at that moment, I had to make a change. I didn’t want Ava to face the same physical and emotional problems I have endured my entire live! I had to stop the negative FAT TALK and once and for all embrace my body and get to a place where I LOVED my body!

I had realized in that moment, that my negative self-image had a much greater impact than just on my OWN mental psyche. Yes, my dear husband has listened to me for years talk horribly about my body. He has watched me yo-yo diet – the ups and downs. Truth be told, I have always been the BIG GIRL. My mom called me her Baby Amazon. My sisters nicknamed me Fatso and my classmates called me Thunder Thighs. I went on my first diet when I was 12, I have done every yo-yo diet there ever was. You see obesity runs in my family. My father died weighing over 400lbs, my entire family (3 sisters) have ballooned over 200lbs after they turned age 30. Myself, I thought I was doing good and “beating” the genetics, but after having my daughter, I weighed in at 234 (that was one of the hardest times in my life – I felt so defeated).

Background aside, in terms of diet, I have done the apple, cabbage, grapefruit, Atkins, you name it! My most recent failure this year was the gluten free, soy free, dairy free diet (I lasted 9 days). Throughout my life, my weight has always gone up and down – when I got to my thinnest, people actually said to me, now let’s see how long it will take for you to balloon back up! So this TRULY has been my life battle. I don’t want my daughter to be raised witnessing this battle. It is time to end the war and declare a VICTOR! That victor being me! I want to be able to look back and have my Legacy be of one of triumph – proving to my daughter that you can conquer any battle through hard work and perseverance!

Before the Challenge, I THOUGHT I was doing alright. I was happy that I had managed to get from 234 (post pregnancy) to 167 – the only problem was that I was stuck! I was overwhelmed. I didn’t understand, I was doing cardio until my feet hurt so bad I could hardly walk the next morning. Seriously, some days I did 3 hours of cycle classes! I did all cardio – regardless of my workouts, I wasn’t seeing results. My body was at this horrible plateau – I knew this wasn’t the body I was meant to have, my clothes didn’t fit right and I hated having pictures taken. I seriously felt like a hamster on a wheel to nowhere. When I look back at the first 2 years of my daughter’s life, all I see are photos of my husband and daughter, like I didn’t exist. But, me being me, I just didn’t want any record of my weight!

I did extended breastfeeding and after I quit breastfeeding my weight started to climb again and I was starting to get discouraged. I just didn’t know what more to do. Then one night when sitting on Facebook, I saw the Spokes Model Challenge. I never thought I could afford it, but then my boss gave me a bonus and suddenly everything just seemed to fall into place. It felt like there was an external force leading me to where I needed to go! I knew this was the answer to what I was looking for! I mean, I couldn’t take my fitness to the next level, I hated my body and I knew I needed help! Who else than a former Ms Olympia could help me?

I was so excited when I started the program and logged onto the online forum. There I met other folks that were also competing and then suddenly I felt like the overweight teenage girl amongst the fit girls talking about how they wanted to drop to 6% body fat. I honestly didn’t know you could live with only 6% fat! I mean, I always dreamed of one day making it to 15% as I heard you stopped having your period at that point (ha ha ha). I mean, when I was 18, I remember I was tested at 32% body fat and at the gym I was ELATED when I was down to 26.8% and this girl was at 10% and wanting to get to 6% – wow, all I could think of was the fact taht she must be amazingly disciplined! You see, I am an emotional eater, I am my own worst enemy and my toughest critic. I am easily discouraged and thought, really Alicia, what were you thinking, you can’t compete with these girls – go grab some Cheetos and give up already – who are you trying to kid! But then I met my team! Janet, Sandi and Heidi!

I decided that no one else in this competition mattered. I HAD TO FOCUS ON ME and MY achievements. To be accountable I would take weekly photos so that I could track and monitor my progress. I would be active with my trainers and make sure they know my struggles and successes! I had to get out of my own way if I was going to succeed! My husband became my biggest cheerleader – he said at the end of the 12 weeks, I want you to believe in your heart you did everything humanly possible to achieve every goal you have! He helped to arrange his schedule so he could watch our daughter while I went to the gym and trained – I just felt so loved that all this was happening!

The first two weeks were HARD. I am a carb addict and I just didn’t think I could do it! I will admit, I fell off the meal plan a few times, but every time I did, I didn’t let that defeat me. I looked at the next meal as an opportunity to succeed! Each and every day I woke up telling myself I was going to give 150% to the program! I will admit, I faced PLENTY obstacles that could have easily derailed my progress! We had Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas Holidays! On top of that, October is our busiest month at work for my main job and then I got a new boss at my 2nd job – which was stressful in and of itself. One of our cars broke so at one point I was driving my husband to work (about 4 hours a day commute), fitting in my gym workout, toddler and two jobs! Whew!

If that isn’t enough things to possibly derail me from the plan, we decided to take our first family vacation in 2.5 years! That meant travel all the way across the county, making sure we booked a hotel with a kitchen and workout facility! Luckily the hotel I found had a kitchen, we could walk to the grocery and the gym had everything I needed to stay on track! Believe me, it would have been super easy to just say, “oh this is my first vacation in 2.5 years, I am going to live it up”, but NO…giving up on the program was never an option! I packed my blender, my workout supplements, protein – you name it! My entire wardrobe was workout clothes and my husband and I made sure our itinerary allowed for me to head to the gym at one point during the day to work out!!! SUCCESS can happen even on vacation!

In terms illness, I started the program and my plantar fasciitis flared up, then once that was under control, my daughter was sick, my husband was sick, I injured my arm AND I got an upper respiratory infection!! The last week of the program has been the hardest as my entire family has been sick. I still trained got everything in and I NEVER MISSED A WORKOUT!!! My trainers all cheered me on, checked in on me, plus I had support at home. Truly, I refused to let anything come between me and the success of this Challenge!!

In terms of food, I remember my trainer telling me, it gets easier and she adjusted my meal plan the next week to help me succeed! Literally, after week 3, things just started to fall into place. I was SEEING results! From there OTHERS started seeing results! So much so that I had people asking for the website,

information about my coaches, the program, etc.! It was so awesome to chat with people about the program and ultimately have them cheer me on! I had one girl from the gym even sign up! Mind you, some days, it was a little hard as people wanted to chat during my workout, which totally slowed me down – but then I just thought – wow, if so many people are seeing results NOW imagine what it will be like at the end of 12 weeks! The most humbling moment for me during this challenge occurred during my leg workout. I was struggling with my walking lunges with weights, when this girl came walking up to me and turned to her trainer and said “this is what I want my after to look like”. I looked around naturally, thinking, this girl wants to look like ME? I smiled at her and said, you can totally do it!! I told her my story and was dying to give her your card, but of course I couldn’t do that in front of her trainer! Ha ha ha! But I will say, that moment was truly life changing. I was someone’s AFTER – how powerful and motivating is that!!! All of this support and encouragement I was receiving at my every turn had me in a state of absolute awe!

As the weeks progressed, the diet got easier and easier! Suddenly I wasn’t craving the carbs or the cheat meals. The meal plans were easy to follow and the food was GOOD! I remember at first thinking, greek yogurt = paste; but then after a few weeks, it became my TREAT! I couldn’t wait for it to be in my plan and now I just think about how much protein it offers my body and how much that will benefit my goals! Wow, the change in my mindset has just been amazing. I used to eat processed junk thinking it tasted good and that I was “working off the calories through cardio” but truth be told, you can’t out train a bad diet! The program taught me alternatives that tasted FABULOUS, gave me the same satisfaction, while also helping me to obtain my fitness goals! I now eat to live – treating my body like the temple I should in lieu of living to eat! I was asked recently, “when the contest ends, what is the first food you are going to eat”, I simply drew a blank to the question. I don’t feel deprived, so there isn’t anything that I am missing – so I said, I don’t see myself eating any differently once the challenge ends. This is after all a lifestyle! I am not at my ultimate goals yet, I have a ways to go, but I now have the tools I need to help me achieve them! I feel like I have a blueprint to help navigate me as I continue to build my body to be lean, mean, cut up machine!! I am SO excited for 2014 as I know I am going to achieve all of my fitness goals that I have on my dream board!

I have to say, the cardio and strength workouts were so much more than I could have imagined! I remember when I first started I read on the blog about some fellow challenger doing lunges on the treadmill – I thought to myself, okay, THAT girl didn’t read her program right! But then, I had it in my program! I told my husband, Googled it, I seriously was like – NO WAY – if I do walking lunges or walk backwards on the treadmill I am going to fall on my face! Then I did it. HELLO! An entire new world just opened before my eyes! I LOVE doing this and now work it into my program as much as possible! Other things I loved about the cardio is that it isn’t just steady state cardio. NOPE – it is fun and never boring – I seriously look forward to cardio as I just always pick from the list and have a blast doing it! The strength workouts are simply amazing! I loved the guidebook we received as well – never once did I feel lost or intimidated in the weight room! Actually I felt like A BOSS in it! Seriously, I also loved that the routines were only 45 minutes long and I was able to bang them out and see awesome results!

Below are just a few things that I noticed from start until end:
Activity Before After Comment
Treadmill 5.0mph 7.5mph Something I never thought I could do!
Cardio Stair Mill Level 10/10min Level 12/20min WOW!
Jump Ups (using a step) 3 risers a side 7 risers a side! CRAZY!
Leg Press 45lb weight each side (3 sets 15 reps) 3 45’s each side (3 sets 15 reps) Some guys can’t do that!
Leg Extension 75lbs 165lbs INSANE!
Row 90lbs (3 sets 15 reps) 120 (3 sets 15 reps)
Pull Ups 0 unassisted do 10 close grip and 4 wide grip unassisted HELLO!!! THIS HAS BEEN A LIFE LONG GOAL OF MINE – I COULD DIE!
Weight 167 155 I reached my first goal weight!! Next goal 145lb!
Body Fat 26.8% 22.4% My next goal is 17% – I know I can do this!
Dress Size 8/10 4/6 Yes, I get to buy all new clothes!
Bra Size 36B 34A I totally look like an athelete!

Charis Borchers

Over the past eight weeks, I’ve learned a lot about commitment. I’ve lost eight pounds and 4% bodyfat, working with the Get Phat Online program. The program was a key component to my results. When you consider that I took a week vacation in St. Lucia, and my cheat meals sometimes stretched into a full cheat day, I’m pretty happy with my results. But there’s more to be done.

I’ve felt exhausted and exhilarated, hungry and full, depressed and encouraged, defeated and victorious – and none of it had to do with what I did at the gym or in the kitchen. It was all “between the ears”.

Some days, I would drag my 52 year old bones down the steps, ankles and knees cracking along the way. I’d get on the treadmill, bike or stepper anyway. For the first five minutes, all I could think was “I don’t feel like doing this” or “I’m too sore today” or “I didn’t sleep that well last night.” It wasn’t long before the blood was flowing. Eventually, my body would overpower my brain. I had to admit to myself that 7.0 mph on the treadmill no longer felt like a sprint, and kicked it up to 9.0. Forty-five minutes of cardio wasn’t challenging anymore, so sixty minutes became the norm. Push-ups aren’t as dreadful as they used to be. Dumbbells started to feel lighter, so I’d move up the rack and take the heavier weights.

At my gym, there aren’t many women working out, especially my age. So, when I’m hopping around doing pop squats, burpies, jump lunges and side/side shuffles, I definitely stand out. I used to go into the aerobics room because I felt like I was intruding on the “boys”. Not anymore. I take as much space, as much time, and as much weight as I need to get a good workout. The regulars at the gym have come to accept me, and even compliment and encourage me.

So, after eight weeks, what have I learned? It all came down to attitude. I can depend on my body to do what I ask. The only thing that stands in my way is my commitment. The GPO Team put together some challenging workouts, food plan, and cardio sessions. They had more faith in me than I did in myself. When I realized that these weekly e-mails were constructed with the understanding that I was going to put in 110% effort, it really gave me a strong sense of accountability.

I’m getting ready to start the Phit Challenge for 12 weeks. This time around, I’m going to journal every day. I want to be able to look back and see my food, my mood, my workout, my energy level/sleep, and yes … even the bathroom scale, every day. I’ve been chasing that elusive “135” on the scale for years. I’m not sure what my next goal will be … but I’m counting on GPO to help me get there!


Alicia Orlow

Lea Stoddart

Before i started the challenge i were pissed off not losing weight but working my arse off??

U guys got me on track, happy and feeling like ME again. To date i’m 30lbs down, thinking bout competing again and most of all HAPPY!!

U changed my life, gave me my career back. I can’t say thank you enough to my fab team Heidi, Janet and Sandy. Love u all soooo much.


Doreen Burke

Love u guys!! Get’n results!! xo
~ Doreen Burke BACK TO TOP

Pam Johnson

I must have written this testimonial 100 times in my mind over the past 8 weeks, and I never seem to get it right. This program has changed my life, and I am not sure how to put into words what it has done for me.

I need to start by saying that I almost sabatoged myself from the beginning. Like most people, I always have these voices in my head telling me that I can’t do it, can’t afford it, can’t, won’t….blah blah blah. The reason why this program changed my life is because I listened to the one voice that said “i deserve this” and tuned out the rest. If your voice is too quiet for you to hear, I hope you will listen to mine: you deserve this.

The day I put up my before pictures my oldest son said “Wow Mommy, you were that fat yesterday?”. That was the biggest slap in the face ever. I had NEVER thought of myself as fat, but there it was in vivid colour.

I’ll start with the numbers because for some reason, that is what everyone always asks me, even though this program changed so much more. In 8 weeks I went from 144.8lbs to 125.6. I lost 25% of my total body fat. I went from a size 8/10 to a size 4. I know that these are very concrete, but really, I don’t see this as the real success of my transformation.

I am a better mother. Taking the time for myself has made me appreciate my children so much more. It has allowed them to respect me as a person, and not just see me as mommy. I have shown them the importance of being healthy and fit. We have had so much fun working out together.

I am a better wife. Before you can love anyone else, you need to love yourself, and I don’t think I did for a very long time. I feel desirable, I feel feminine. Nothing is more attractive than someone who looks after themselves. I am not afraid to ask for help and can now have a marriage of equals.

I am a better person. I have never felt more confident, beautiful or fit. This program empowered me in so many ways to make positive changes in my life and in my choices. 4 weeks into the program I quit smoking, after smoking a pack a day for 20 years. I am more outgoing, I glow. Random strangers stop me on the street or at the gym to tell me how happy I look.

The Get Phat Inc team are such an amazing group of people, who truly care, and without them, I would not be where I am right now. When things were great they were the first to cheer me on, and when things are not so great, they were the ones to help me find my way back. Joining Get Phat Online was the single best decision of my life.

~ Pam Johnson



WOW! A huge THANK YOU goes out to the GPO Team-such an inspirational, motivational, supportive and knowledgeable team! I can’t begin to explain all that GPO Staff has taught me over the passed 12 weeks from altering my eating, workouts, and mind set altogether. And that it takes work to achieve & maintain a healthy, lean physique. I thought, until this point, I was in good shape but this program kicked my tail…truly GPO and staff are untouchable!

Also, whenever I e-mailed or text they were quick to respond. I looked forward to the new weekly plans and motivational quotes, which kept me going week to week, and showed up right on time. The photos (& staff) kept me accountable and the nice three ring binders, gift from GPO, kept my plan organized!

I will end by saying this…I’m a wife, mother of two small children (ages 2&3), work full time, and attend college, never thought I could make the time commitment; however, I did it! (The weekly plan was incredibly useful because it actually allowed me to save time and money being well prepared day to day!)

I feel AWESOME and look forward to Phat camp in the near future! Jen, Janet, Latisha, Heidi, and John keep up the excellent work!!



Jennifer Roberge

I decided to join Live Phat and started my program in Aug of 2009. It was a great journey of routine and learning. I switched over to Phat Girls to prepare for a competition in the spring. Jen helped me with my routine and getting me in connection with her music guy and was there for me 100% of the way. I am so happy with the improvement I saw from my last competition in 2009 and the knowledge I have gained along the way so that I can always ‘LIVE PHAT’ for the rest of my life.

Jennifer Roberge Jennifer Roberge
I just celebrated my 29th birthday (well, a week later as I was prepping for my show) and I have never felt happier about myself, my body and my lifestyle. Thanks GPO for a wonderful journey. I look forward to our friendship and seeing each other at camp for years to come!



Christine Wierzbinski

A few years ago, a DEXA scan revealed that I was what I refer to as a “Skinny Fat” person. At 120# I was 32% body fat. OUCH!!! I knew I wanted to do something to change that. My daughter asked me to go with her to a “fat camp” in nearby Dayton, OH. I found it was not a “fat camp” but PHAT Camp. What an eye opener! I never knew it could be fun to “have my butt handed to me” I was struck by how genuinely concerned Jen & her staff were for everyone there. We took what we learned at PHAT Camp and continued to train at home. We where fortunate enough to be selected for the fashion shows held at the Arnold Sports Festival. That really motivated us to up our training. During the holidays of 2009 I decided I wanted to compete. I contacted Jen and starting the week of Thanksgiving I became a member of the Phat Girlz team with my very first competition the Arnold Amateur Bikini. GO BIG OR GO HOME!!


Susan Davis

I believe my experience will resonate with women and men alike in that 40 something generation who like me have become unfit, unconditioned, and overweight.

Everyday I give thanks for the blessings God has given me in my life-my loving family and great friends who are more like family. And like so many of us in today’s a hectic fast paced world our lives are full of enormous obligations and responsibilities to our work, our family, and aging parents. We all make loving sacrifices but many times our choices can be to our own detriment. I believe that by giving my all to those that I love and trying to make things “perfect” so that everyone is happy that I am making loving choices as a wife, mother and as a daughter. But somewhere along the way I mistakenly began to believe that it was selfish of me if I were to take the time to take care of myself. So much so that I would make excuses and fool myself into believing that it was unrealistic for me even to think I could ever be physically fit and conditioned again. That this is just how life naturally progresses and it was asinine, ridiculous & far too late for me to even think about wanting to be fit now that I was in my mid 40’s.

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The life and story of Jen Walton

My journey began the day I was born. Throughout my childhood I have always been on the “heavy” side. I have struggled with trying to get my weight under control my entire life. I have always been an athletic girl. I swam competitively all throughout my childhood and college career. I have always been involved in sports and activities but I was always labeled as the big girl. The girl who could out sprint anyone or lift more weight than anyone but always the “big girl”.

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Congrats to GPO Client Traci Norton on her amazing transformation!

Read more about Traci and how she has changed her life these past 9 months! We are so proud of her!

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Traci Norton, I’m from Naples, Florida.

When did you join Get Phat Online.com and how long has that you have been consistantly in the program? I joined GPO last September and have been training with them ever since!

How did you hear about Get Phat Online.com?
I heard about the program through another client turned competitor, Shannon Ditmer. www.Shannonditmer.com

Traci Norton Traci Norton

How much did you weigh when you started?
How tall are you? How old are you?

At the start of the program, I weighed in at 200 lbs. I am 5’8″ and 37 yrs old.

How much do you weigh now in these amazing transformation pictures?

I am currently 138 lbs!

What is the biggest thing you have learned during the program about yourself?

There are really TWO things I have learned during this process:

The first, Patience truly is a virtue! I did not gain that much weight overnight and it certainly does not come off that quickly either,but with dedication, drive, hardwork and inspiration from my awesome trainers,,,,,and you guessed it~ plenty of patience!!~ I accomplished my 1st goal of losing 60lbs, actually, I surpassed it! Which brings me to the second thing, I now know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!

What is the best part about being in Get Phat Online?

The best part about being part of Get Phat Online is knowing that I am being trained by THE BEST!! Jen and her staff are professionals~ Professional trainers and professional athletes! I didn’t just enter my height and weight and get a printout of what a computer thinks I should be doing. Each day, each week is carefully planned out for me and my specific goals. I have access to each of them by phone, text or E mail anytime I have a question or concern. They want me to succeed and they are there every step of the way!

What are your next goals and have you accomplished what you set out to do when you first signed up?

Well, in the next two weeks I will be switching over to “Phat Girlz” to begin contest prep for my 1st figure competition,,,Jen Hendershott’s All Women’s Weekend and Big Shott Classic in South Carolina on October 23,,,,,I will turn 38 that very same day!!

What advice do you want to tell others who are struggling to lose weight?

Advice that I can share with others~ First,Have a game plan! Even if you are unable to have a trainer or be in a program like GPO, do some research, pick up some fitness magazines and make a plan for yourself to follow your cardio and weight training. I see too many people at the gym doing alot of walking around and looking at the machines, but they just aren’t sure what they should be doing! Second~DON”T GIVE UP! We hear this all the time, but if you have a plan and the mindset, and you stick with it, even through the rough days,,,,(and there WILL be some!) YOU can make you’re dreams a reality! I encourage anyone wanting to look and feel their best, to give this program a try, these ladies will have you working out like never before!

Anything additional you would like to say?

A huge thanks to all of my trainers, Jen, Janet, John, Heidi, Latisha and Sandy,, You are the BEST!

We wish you the very best Traci with your journey. YOUR a true inspiration for many who are reading this and to all of us here at Get Phat Online. Congrats on what you have already done and best of luck in the future. WE are excited to continue this success. Jen, Latisha, Heidi, Sandy, John, and Janet!


Interview with Kathy Dinatali as she climbs her way to her first show with GPO and transforms her already great body into an amazing body.

Kathy, how long have you been in GPO?

I attended my first phat camp in 2007 and started with GPO in 2008. I have loved it.

How much did you weigh when you started and when you stepped on stage what did you weigh?

When I started the 12 weeks I was 127.7 and I was 116.5 when I got on stage, tighter and more confident.

What were your reasons for joining GPO? and are you happy you joined the team?

I wanted a structured program where I did not have to guess what cardio and weights to do and what to eat. Yes, I love being a part of the team. Every week it is exciting to get that email with my new plans from my trainers. It is all laid out for you so all you have to do is just do it!
Start of 12 Weeks Training with GPO 8 Weeks Training with GPO 10 Weeks Training with GPO

During your journey to getting on stage what did you find was the hardest and the easiest parts of the experience leading up to the show?

I think the hardest part was finding enough time in the day to work full time and get the workouts in. Once you set your mind to it and realize you have to schedule it and make it a priority then you just do it….no excuses. The easiest was the weight training….well not that the workouts were easy just that I love lifting and pushing myself. You will be amazed at just what you can do when you put your mind to it.

With nutrition what was the #1 habit you developed that will stick with you for the rest of your life?

To drink lots of water and keep eating 6 clean meals per day with a “cheat” meal once per week. It is a great habit and once you get used to it you won’t want to go back to all the greasy food and junk food. You feel so much better!

How did you place in your show and were you happy?

My goal was to complete the 12 week training and have the confidence to walk across the stage. I went into the show knowing that no matter the outcome I was still a winner! I did not place in Masters but I got 2nd place in Open Figure Class B. I was very happy and went home feeling like I had accomplished what I had set out to do.

Whats next for Kathy and her family?

Well even though I said this was a one time thing I woke up the next morning asking myself should I go for it and do Jen’s show in October? Hmmmm never say never right? Congrats again, we are so proud of you here at GPO. YOUR a beautiful woman who will now inspire a lot of people. Thank you for being a part of the team and we are excited about what’s next for you! We love ya. BACK TO TOP

Amiee Roberge 

My experience with phat girls started in may 2009 at PHAT CAMP in Edmonton Alberta. This is where i first met Jen, Lisha, Latisha, Heather and some other of the Phat camp goddess’s. Now at that point i was training for my 2nd fitness competition and i would say i was in pretty good shape, i knew phat camp would be a challenge and a good but kicking… and it was. But it was not only about the great work out, it was motivation to be the best i can be in life and to be a good person. Strong and confident in everything i do.

I did great at my second show (about 6 weeks after camp) and my personal goal of improving every year was attained. I knew i wanted to do at least one more. I decided to go with Jen and the PHAT GIRLZ program because it is a group of women who walked the walk… and CAN talk the talk. THEY ROCK! I knew that if i signed up with these women that they could motivate me and push me to succeed in my goal.


Hey Jen!!!,

Climbing stairs and walking down them…not so good today.  :)

I just wanted to write my heart felt thanks to you and your amazing staff.  Honestly, I came to phat camp to get tips on working out and diet so that I might look like an oxygen chick.  What I got out of your camp was priceless. It was sooooo inspiring and down to earth, that  what I really needed, was to love myself again.  Reality check 101.  Surrounded by so many wonderful participates with all their personal stories and pain just restored my faith in women…yes, we can let our guard down and be real.  I will never forget this experience because Lishia Dean won’t let me, I signed up for GetPhatOnline :) (more pain)  I can not wait.

Enjoy your vacation!

Still Smiling,

Azemina Cemalovic “Mina”

      Jen and Staff — I just want to thank you for the great experience I had had PHAT camp this past weekend.  As I told you, Jen, I was very nervous about showing up as a 60 year old (well, almost 60), but everyone made me feel so welcomed.  At no point did I feel that you were singling me out as “someone who would never make it through camp”.

I enjoyed the challenges, and have the motivation to continue working with the aid of the knowledge and wisdom you all gave me this weekend.  I began my weight loss/exercise journey on Dec. 4, 2006, and have lost 40 lbs since that time.  With what I gained from you this past weekend, I know I can reach my goal of 100 lbs lost by Nov. 25, 2007 (60 year birthday).

God bless you all, and keep the baton going by continuing your passion for this life giving program!

Alexis Welsh

          WOW—where do I even start what an absolutely amazing weekend PHAT camp Atlanta 2007 was!!!!!!!  I expected to come to the weekend to get more motivated on working out and get myself back into shape and back in the gym on a regular basis never in a million years did I expect it to be a life changing weekend like it was.  When I first walked into the room where everyone was I will admit that I was a little taken back and thought to myself whoa I’m in the wrong place and I think that I’ve basically just wasted quite a bit of money cause I’m in a total different league than most of these girls and feel really out of place.  Man was I ever wrong, now yes I did struggle cause I never realized just how out of shape that I was at 28 years old but I cant even begin to tell you how amazing Jenn you and your staff were and how comfortable ya’ll made me feel.  Thru every struggle I had Jenn you were right there as well as my group leader Latisha (who was absolutely a total inspiration) and the rest of the girls in my group cheering me on, it was the best feeling ever to know that I wasn’t in it all alone and had so much support from everyone else.

          I pulled into PHAT camp on Friday evening smoking a cigarette and not having a worry in the world and just thinking that I was living life to the best partying all the time and just staying on the go all the time and putting my health and fitness on the back burner for sure.  In just one weekend Jenn you opened my eyes and taught me so much, I’ve met some really amazing people in my life and have been touched by so many people but I can honestly say that I’ve never been touched by someone as much as I have you Jenn.  This past weekend you definitely did change my life, you opened my eyes to more things that I ever thought imaginable, you really put life into perspective for me and made me realize that it was time to change my life completely!!!!!  I don’t think that I can tell you thank you enough for that.  For the girl that pulled into camp smoking and have been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the last 13 years I can say that I still HAVEN”T touched a cigarette and have no desire to at all, and I’ve finally decided its time to put Lindsey first.

         Jenn thank you so much for all that you taught me and for truly touching my life the way that you have, I could never put into words the way you have impacted my life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I really do think that God brought you into my life and brought me to PHAT camp for a reason and I cant wait to see all the changes that I know He is about to do in my life and has already done in just a week!!!!!

Take care and I will definitely keep you posted on my progress.

Lindsey Balderson