GPO Trainer Jen Hendershott

Founder, Creator, & President of GPO & Phat Camp
Two Time Ms. Fitness Olympia Champion
Two Time Ms. Fitness International
ISAA Certified Personal Trainer

Every day is an amazing day for me. I love each and every minute of my life and my job. I began Phat Camp to replace my position as a school teacher. I never thought in a million years that I would spend 13 years traveling the world and running a successful fitness camp for women and an online personal training business as well as branding my name worldwide. In 2015, I was able to sell this business, Phat Camp-to the current Olympia Champion and my friend Nicole Wilkins. It gives me great pleasure to wake up each day and know lives are being changed because of me. Nicole will now get this chance to make the same impact that I did. Passing on the torch is what life is about.”

I am so grateful for the travels with my job and for the people I have met over the years. Get Phat Online has provided me with the opportunity to build a family full of success stories. I truly love my life and the position that God has put me in as a leader and a role model. Winning the biggest competition in the world is great, but helping others is what life is all about. Through my businesses I hope to continue to touch many lives. I hope I can inspire others to work hard and be their very best.

jen08_126adjLife is short. We have to live life to its fullest each and every day. YOLO! “You Only Live Once”.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, I invite you to email me or call my office at 336-261-7274 anytime.

We wish you our best!

Jen Hendershott
Ms. Olympia and International Champion
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Jen has a Bachelor’s of Science in Education and has a Bachelors Plus degree in Elementary Education. She is a wife, world ranked fitness athlete, personal trainer, author, and choreographer. Jen knows a lot about dieting, training, cardio, time management, dedication, and balancing a busy lifestyle. Jen and her team will design your diet, training, and cardio programs JUST FOR YOU and for what you are trying to achieve! Jen believes in the best in everyone. Jen hopes to work with you to become your very best. Email Jen directly at