Train with the pros!Welcome to Get PHAT Online! Motivational speaker, fitness Olympia champion, and celebrity trainer Jen Hendershott and her team have come together to design programs for people who are looking to get fit, get healthy, or get motivated. Jen and her team offer everything from training programs, cardio programs, meal planning, fitness weekends, supplements, and personal motivation conversations to help you.

Jen’s 8 Week Summer Challenge starts August 1st and you could win up to *$5000.00 CASH!

Sign Up Here! Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced fitness levels all welcome! This a simple plan for anyone looking to lose weight, firm up, or just get healthy this summer. You will recieve a nutrition, cardio, and weight training plan every week for 8 weeks and have 24/7 access to Jen and her team for questions and support. Email John for details at * The person with the best transformation will win 50% of the entery fees. We are looking for 50 total people to enter. * Plans are not customized to each person.

Jen has put a team together of IFBB pro’s to help you lose weight, gain muscle, & get stage ready!

Jen Hendershott, Latisha Wilder, Nicole Wilkins and Heidi Sullivan will customize your cardio, nutrition, and weight training week to week! You will have 24/7 access to your pro trainers for accountability and motivation. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Space is limited! CLICK HERE for an assessment and provide info so we can help you become your best!   Make Fitness a Lifestyle with Flex